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Author: Dawné Dominique

List Price: 4.99

Published:  Jul 17, 2013

ISBN # 9781612920757

Word Count: 29,023

Genres/Categories: Romance>Westerns/Cowboys Romance>Erotic Romance

All she had to do was say no...

When Ashern Ridley returns to the family homestead after his father's death, he learns that Ridley Ranch is in deep, financial trouble. In order to save his legacy, he must ask for help from the most unlikely source—Madison Maddox. She agrees to put up the money and soon locks horns with not only Ashern, but Amber Symthe, the ranch's new maid, who wants the Ridley heir for her own.

Madison remembers Ashern as a spoiled, mischievous child, and quickly discovers that little has changed about him. Now that he's all grown up and far too handsome than he has a right to be, she realizes too late that perhaps she's bitten off more than she can handle.

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