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Author: Max Griffin

List Price: 6.99

Published:  Nov 27, 2013

ISBN # 9781612920900

Word Count: 63,995

Genres/Categories:Murder Mystery, Gay Romance

Rick's brooding over his missing wife doesn't stop him from inviting Brandon to move into his mansion in the hills of southwest Wisconsin. When the sheriff finds bodies at the estate, it's a race against time to save Rick from accusations of murder.

Brandon struggles with poverty and longs to be a doctor. He falls in with Rick, an older, closeted, banker whose wealthy wife Victoria is mysteriously missing. Romance blooms between the two men and all seems well, until the sheriff discovers Victoria's body at the family estate, Lindermont Manor. Danger and scandal abound as Brandon has to decipher the clues to save Rick from prison. The shocking truth about the murder changes their lives forever.

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