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Author Marcia Colette didn't start out reading or writing books. She had earned a Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute before going on to complete her Masters in Information Technology at American Intercontinental University in Atlanta, GA.

While riding the MBTA train back and forth to her job in Boston as a software consultant, she picked up a copy of John Saul and never looked back. It wasn't long after that when she started writing her own stories. Five years later, she signed a contract with Double Dragon eBooks to publish her first urban fantasy novel.

Her next novel was a paranormal romance entitled Unstable Environment and was picked up by Parker Publishing, LLC. She went on to sell her next urban fantasy entitled Stripped to Samhain Publishing, LLC. During that time, she also released Bittersweet (YA), Hazardous Environment (Paranormal Romance), The Spider Inside Her (Urban Fantasy), and Deadlier by the Dozen (Urban Fantasy) under her own independent publishing label Dusk Till Dawn Books. She has sold several short stories and novellas to Mocha Memoirs Press and has continued her Alexa York series with Purple Sword Publications.

Marcia also writes science fiction under another pen name.

Still holding her own as an IT Manager, Marcia is a single mom who lives in South Carolina.


Tell readers what inspires you to write and what led you to take up writing on a regular basis:

Movies have always inspired me and continue to do so. Since I don’t have a movie studio or my own production company, I have to use whatever is at my disposal and that’s writing. Whenever I get to a point where all of my ideas are banging against a wall and I have nowhere to go, I resort to some of my all-time favorite movies or I find a book to read. That usually recharges my imagination. Stories start to fill my head again. Of course, there’s always the hope that one of my book will take off some day and I’ll be able to make writing my full-time job. If I stop now, I might never realize that dream.

What year were you first published, what was the title of that book, and what did you learn from that first work?

My first published book was called Half Breed and that was published almost ten years ago. I guess the biggest takeaway I have from that experience was how the editing process worked and what other writers meant by needing a thick skin. I also learned that the best way to market your work was to write your next book. There should always be a “next” book, if you care enough about that first one.   

What do you hope fans come away with after reading your stories?

I hope they come away with a story that invades their thoughts and dreams every moment of the day. After all, that’s how authors like Bentley Little, L.A. Banks, John Saul, Kelley Armstrong, and Charlaine Harris had hooked me. I couldn’t get their books out of my head, which is why I kept coming back them.


Websites: www.marciacolette.com


Genre: Urban Fantasy