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Kase lives in the Northwest corner of Arizona with her husband, a dozen kitty cats, a feisty Sheltie, and two noisy parakeets. She also has three dozen chickens who give endless joy and frustration. Kase has been writing stories since she was a child. As a child she always made up stories and later as a teenager she started writing them down. After a friend challenged her in a roundabout way she became serious about her writing. It wasn’t until 2007 that she thought about being published. That was only after being asked if she wanted to write for an anthology. She has four books published and is planning more after a long hiatus from personal tragedy.

Website: http://amethstdrgn.wix.com/authorkasejreed

Genre(s): speculative fiction, paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, erotic romance.


Tell readers what inspires you to write and what led you to take up writing on a regular basis:

I’ve always been a story teller as long as I can remember. When I was a child I made up stories and characters who were my friends to play with. We lived in a farm nearly 40 miles from the nearest town. Neighbors were miles apart so I had to entertain myself. I started writing in high school for my own entertainment after a friend inadvertently challenged me to write better. The characters that pop into my head and their worlds keep me in stories. The fact that someone else might enjoy them is my inspiration. The feedback from those that have read, and enjoyed my books keep me wanting to write.

What year were you first published, what was the title of that book, and what did you learn from that first work?

I was first published in 2008 in a book titled Gremlins: An Anthology. My story titled Fire for Ice written under Cerise Amour was in it. What I learned from my first work was that there is so much more to writing than just writing. Writing can be fun, but if you plan on being published you must put in the work, grow a thick skin, and accept that you don’t write a perfect manuscript the first time around. I’ve never really had a problem taking constructive criticism, but I never realized the work I’d do to perfect a story before having it published.

What do you hope fans come away with after reading your stories?

I want for anyone who reads my stories to come away with the feeling that love is the strongest super power anyone has. That and that they’ve been on an adventure along with my characters.

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