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The First, Book 4: Crimson Cries


By: Dawné Dominique
Published: Feb 6, 2013
ISBN # 9781612920658
Word Count: 78558
Paranormal/Erotic Romance/Suspense
Series: The First , Book 4

Can she leave behind her past in order to do what's necessary for the future?

When Paladin Sandalio, prince of the vilkacis race, shows up at her door with the same cryptic warnings as her father, Daniella Rolfe has no choice but to believe...the Nuasiar Nine walk the world again. With vamps and wolves dying side-by-side, and innocents caught in the crossfire, she knows it won't be long before the veils are set asunder. Trusting those she's detested for centuries is no easy task, but learning that entities like them were not created by accident will be the greatest challenge of all.

New vows will be taken—and she will show them real fear.


He was about to face the door and demand that Marie let him back in when that eerie sensation he’d experienced earlier crept over him.

He took a couple of steps down and stopped, concentrating on where the feeling stroked his senses the strongest—the deserted lot across the street. The wind picked up. Leaves rustled. Silence roared in his ears. Not even a cicada sounded its song.

As he began footnoting everything he’d learned from Daniella, a shadow caught the corner of his eye. Defense mechanisms tensed his body to stone.

Damn, he liked being a vampire.

He bolted back up the steps. When his fingers touched the doorknob, his entire arm numbed. Cold fire shot through his nerves, then he was weightless, floating, no sound, no sight…until his ass made contact with the walkway some ten feet away. Reality jarred cruelly back into focus. He leaped to his feet and patted down his shirt, his flesh tingling like a thousand fire ants feasted on him.

Grandmere had warded her house? Because of him?

He localized on the gloomy entrance until he saw the telltale threads of black magic snaking around the façade and walls. Even through the dense ivy that had claimed the outside as its own, variegated webs of spells sizzled and crisscrossed in distinctive patterns before fading from sight.

The pendant against his shirt generated a sudden spark of heat that radiated inside him, the first sense of warmth he’d felt since his veiling. Then the lump cooled.

Okay, now that was weird.

Thinking of the Wesson he’d left in England brought thoughts of Daniella and Aiden. All he had here were wits and vampiric powers, neither of which he’d quite mastered.

With the wards around the house, it also meant nothing could get in. Grandmere and Marie were safe.

Logically he should get his sorry ass out of there, but whoever was sparking these instincts of his was dangerous, not only to Grandmere, but to the public at large.

This Good Samaritan conscience was bullshit. He’d been hanging around Aidan too long.

As he walked toward the tree line behind the house, blades of grass scratched against his pant legs. No birds chirped, no insects hummed, not even a car horn sounded. It was as if the outside world ceased to exist. He lifted his nose: rich, moist earth, green vegetation, hints of animal excrement, and…wet fur?

The swaying willows played with the shadows and his imagination. Although he’d been taught some of the intricacies of flight, his powers were still in infancy stage. Travel had been limited to a few miles at a time and always under Daniella’s careful tutelage.

Well, this was as good a time as any to try a solo run.

He bent at the knees and propelled up and forward. Equilibrium took a few seconds to master. He levitated in the air, searching the thicket below. Movement on his left caught his attention. Cautiously, he willed himself down to an overgrown path fifty yards away, his landing silent. Shrouding himself within the forest’s shadows, he emptied his mind and focused, seeing the night with different eyes—vampiric eyes.

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