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Destiny 1: Adrift


By: Sandra Sookoo
Published: Jan 23, 2013
ISBN # 9781612920627
Word Count: 27009
Fantasy/Erotic Romance

Do you feel as if you’ve existed without direction? Have circumstances left you scattered and without purpose? Do your unique gifts suffer from your dissatisfaction from daily living? Come to Destiny, Indiana. It just may change your life.

When an Undine (water sprite) who’s afraid of water meets a water dragon who’s been shunned by his clan for his inability to shift and terrorize, sparks fly despite the wetness around them.

As heavy spring rain floods the small town of Destiny putting Neadra’s life in danger, Caelan fights his way to her, pulling out the hero he never thought he could be, while she faces her fears to locate him. Only through acceptance of each other will they find the life they’ve always wanted.


Raw panic seeped into her expression. She clutched at his arms. “Don’t let me go.” She dug her fingers into his biceps and he had to consciously fight off the urge to flex. It was a novel experience having a pretty woman in his embrace. “Please.”

Why did the water terrify her? He scooped her into his arms, cradling her against his chest. It wasn’t his business, and in retrospect, he had spooked her by watching as she sat on the shore. That hadn’t been enough, for when she’d noticed him, curiosity compelled him to come closer to the blue-skinned goddess. It wasn’t until he’d gained the shore that he realized what effect his lack of clothing and her appreciation of his body had on his cock. Touching her now didn’t help the issue, nor did it help that the dragon inside noticed her as well. He came awake with a ferocious growl that Caelan ignored. Now was not the time to deal with his latent-shifting other half. Since the water only hit him at knee level, he released her legs, dropping her into the wetness with a splash that was covered by her terror-laden screams.

“Neadra, look at me.” The time for calm had come and gone. She needed a firm hand now. He held her gaze and his chest tightened at the fear that held her captive. “You can stand up here. See, your feet are touching the bottom and nothing bad has happened, but you need to stop this insane reaction. I can’t help if you don’t calm down.” She took a shuddering breath, followed by another and nodded. “I think I’ll be okay as long as I can remain standing.”

“Good.” He slid his gaze to her trembling lips, the lower one slightly fuller than its upper companion. The woman possessed curves in all the right places and her eyes alone could bring him to his knees with need, but the blush staining her round cheeks and the way her wet sweater clung to her breasts took away his ability to remain impartial. “Do you have any idea how damn sexy you are?” He stifled a groan, for saying his thoughts aloud or for the fact she was, he didn’t know. God, I sound like an idiot.

You are an idiot if you don’t throw her on the shore and take her now.

I’m not that sort of man. Once again, he shoved his dragon to the back of his mind.

Her blush deepened. “I can honestly say no one has asked me that before.” She smiled and it transformed her from ordinary to phenomenal. “Thank you.”

Caelan uttered another groan. Below the water his cock jumped in agreement, which sparked an evil chuckle from his dragon half. He had no idea who she was or where she came from, but he couldn’t pass up the opportunity fate threw his way. He wouldn’t force sex on her, but he intended to sample her lips. Placing his hands on either side of her waist, he tugged her against his body, fitting her soft curves to his hard angles, and lowered his mouth to hers.

And fell into a dark, heady place he had no desire to leave.

She struggled for all of two seconds before seeming to melt into his embrace.

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