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Author: Crymsyn Hart

List Price: 4.99

Published:  Aug 31, 2011

ISBN # 9781612920078

Word Count: 40,196


Romance>Vampires Romance>Paranormal/Horror Romance>Multiple Partners

Melina was driven into the arms of her vampire and werewolf mates. Her brother arrives one day to drag her back to her coven. While protecting those she loves, one of her mates falls, leaving her heartbroken. With her brother dead, she uses all her power to hide herself and those she loves from the family who banished her. But using her power unleashes the darkness inside of her soul.

For the next two years, she struggles to mend the rift with her mate. In walks Tannin to bring her to the family she has never known. Learning about her past, she discovers that she's more than a witch. Her attraction to Tannin grows while she learns what the darkness truly is in her soul.

Tannin craves her touch. But he doesn't know if he can open his heart after all the loss he's suffered. He must protect Melina at all costs. Taking a chance, he allows himself to give in to the attraction between them. To do that, he also has to accept the other men in her life and be there when she returns to her coven and unleashes the darkness in her soul.

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