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Author: Kase J. Reed

List Price: 4.99

Published: July 3, 2011

ISBN # 9781936165988

Word Count: 35,993

Genres/Categories: erotic romance, mystery, suspense

Curses? Ian Grey doesn’t believe in such superstitious nonsense until he loses an heirloom ruby and diamond necklace. With his bodyguard, Jordan O’Shea, he discovers that perhaps curses can be a good thing.

What happens when a blessing turns to a curse? After Ian Grey’s father gambles away a ruby and diamond necklace, which happens to be his family’s good luck charm, Ian believes it’s only superstitious nonsense. But when his luck turns bad and people around him start dying, he begins to believe that he is indeed cursed.

Jordan O’Shea is Ian’s personal bodyguard and has been since the death of her father. She has no clue she’s part of this blessing gone to hell until she becomes involved with Ian’s attempt to steal the necklace back. Being shot in the process wasn’t what she was expecting, and when Ian refuses to tell her what’s going on, they both become entangled in a web of ancient Celtic magic. Perhaps the curse is just what they both needed.

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