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Author: Liam Drake

List Price: $3.50

Published:  Oct 13, 2010

ISBN # 9781936165629

Word Count: 15,569

Genres/Categories: Romance>Werewolves/Shifter Romance>LGBTQ>Gay Romance>Erotic Romance

Jack has a secret, a shady past, a jilted lover. So many reasons to avoid…Friday night.

Jack's been on the run all his life, always the submissive, always the man taking the fall, with no one solid to hold onto. But since his bad breakup with his ex, a werewolf with a penchant for cruelty and domination, things have been changing. The wolf in Jack wants out, and he isn't as yielding as the man. When Jack's new interest asks for an intimate date on Friday night, one day before the next full moon, Jack needs to decide who's in charge, man or wolf.

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Friday Night