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Author: Max Griffin

List Price: 6.99

Published: Aug 21, 2013

ISBN # 9781612920788

Word Count: 64,752

Genres/Categories: Suspense, Mystery, Thiller, Gay Erotic Romance

Flatland: where a fortune in mob money, a stone-cold serial killer, and a crooked FBI agent collide with two gay guys looking for love.

Danny and Skip’s jerky new neighbor is much more than he seems. Their boring trailer park in Flatland, fielded by wheat and occasionally threatened by unpredictable Kansas storms, harbors something deadly—a hit man on the run, waiting for his chance to escape to all the money he’s swindled from the mob. But the mob doesn’t let thieves get away.

Danny and Skip end up with the hit man’s dog and clues that could lead them to all his stolen loot. Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones after the money. A crooked FBI agent and two professional killers stand in their way.

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