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Author: Kase J. Reed

List Price: 3.50

Published:  Aug 3, 2011

ISBN # 9781612920016

Word Count: 15,486

Genres/Categories: Erotic Romance/Fantasy

There’s a killer loose in the kingdom of Lanae, and Captain Tamir Arden, and his gremlin, must bring the culprit to justice. After a young woman is murdered, he discovers the killer has left a clue—a strange, but familiar marking carved into the poor girl’s flesh—a symbol belonging to the beautiful Princess Callista of Lanae. On his way to question her, Tamir finds Callista in panicked fear in the hallway outside her royal apartments, lost in a strange, magical spell. He’s swept away by the princess’ beauty, but even worse, both their gremlins are enamoured with each other—and whatever their soulbeings feel, so do the humans they represent. There’s a little quandary, however. If Tamir is caught with Callista, it could mean certain death for him. Ensnared between catching a killer who is hunting the Princess, and fighting his growing desires of forbidden love, humans, gremlins and magic collide.

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