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Author: Kase J. Reed

List Price: 4.50

Published: Jul 23, 2009

ISBN # 9781936165025

Word Count: 28,818

Genres/Categories: Erotic Romance/ Vampire

Created from dark fairy magic and the seed of a mortal man, Logan Shadowsong is the strongest of all vampire hunters. When she comes face to face with the one vamp she was initially created to destroy, she discovers more than she bargained for—and love certainly wasn't part of it.

Logan Shadowsong was created—yes—created to kill vampires for her tyrannical father, Cyrus Fenton, but in short time, she begins to loathe what she is and what she does. Fleeing her father's clutches once and for all, she runs into the one vampire her father created her to destroy.

Talon Blackstone, once a Hunter like Logan, is now a vampire in exile and on Fenton's Most Wanted Dead list. When Logan and Talon accidentally meet, an attraction between them grows into an inferno. One problem stands in their way, however; if he drinks of her blood, he could die.

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